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EMNE: The Forgotten Towns Of Halon And Sadon

The Forgotten Towns Of Halon And Sadon 5 år 2 måneder siden #335

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After two hours of driving on the highway connecting North Ossetia with the South the old half-empty bus, grunting, turns off the track and goes into the depths of the gorge.

Around black rocks with a metallic sheen of the mountain, the bus runs down to the miners ' settlements Sadon and Halon, hidden behind mountains and covered with a dry vegetation.

Past History
In this part of the Caucasus they previously mined lead and zinc for the whole of Russia.
Settlements Sadon and Halon was by built Belgian miners in 1886. In the Soviet times there lived 5 thousand people here. Now, these villages are almost completely deserted.
12 years ago the valley was flooded by a huge mudflow which flooded mines and destroyed most of the buildings. Now most of the buildings in ruins and everywhere you see only scattered debris.
One this photo you can see the level of mud on the wall:

The government of North Ossetia adopted a decision on relocation all local residents to the town of town of Alagir,
"Alagir - regional center, located directly at the exit of the gorge"

The following photos indicate how empty Halon are today




However, this decision not agreed by all. In 2008 there was 154 families living in the villages in a hastily repaired «hruschevkah», built in the 50-s and 60-ies. There is no food stores, schools and doctors. All these amenities can be found in the nearest settlement - the village of Mizur - 12 kilometers away.

Sickness And Future
The bus comes here only twice a day, morning and afternoon.
From the fall of 2014, the bus service will be reduced to only 2 times a week, going out on tuesdays, returning on thursdays.
In 2013 only 105 people are staying here.
According to them, two-thirds of the local population suffer from the «miner's disease», silicosis, an incurable lung disease. They are sure, that the mountain climate is more useful to their lungs than the air on the plain.

Valery Tautiev have lived in Sadon since 1980. Immediately after graduating from of the North-Caucasian Institute of mining and metallurgy, he went to work in the mines.

They call it the Devil, the ore dust which is so much into his skin, that he became unnaturally dark. "Why do I live in this?", he says, why live in the village?

«Recently, I just became ill, and I turned to the doctor, - says Tautiev.
"They said that I have silicosis with pulmonary edema. I went to Vladikavkaz in the TB dispensary, where an x-ray confirmed the diagnosis. But to making me entitled to disability pension, the doctor demanded money. I told her that if I had the money, I would not be living here... There are no doctors in the village anymore.

Recently the village was visited by the team of geologists to inspect the mines. The locals hope that these mines will be restored. "If it is done here, the Sadon and Halon again will blossom, people will come back and the towns will return to its former glory" said by Frosya Dzhagaeva a 59-year old widow.

The authorities, however, still firmly believe that the two town of the miners ' settlement will not have a future. For the restoration of the mines the government would have to add lots of money - and in addition, again having problems with the health of people.

I have uploaded some more phothos below
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